Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Moment in Time

When one is young thoughts are to be older. You can likely guess what thoughts may go through one’s mind when age creeps upon them. When is the optimum age? It may and probably is different for different individuals. Whatever you think is the right answer, it is right for you. Today I couldn’t help think of a good friend who will be 90 very soon. He was always active through his younger years and into his mid-80’s. He was and is a friend to all in whatever situation they find themselves. He gives his life, time and resources for others. Now my friend has very limited mobility with most of the time in bed. He doesn’t complain and takes each moment as it comes. He doesn’t dwell on the past or search too far in the future on what might come but lives in the moment. One day I asked my friend what he now missed most. He gave this simple one line answer “I miss visits by my friends.” If you have read some of my past postings you will know that the concept or illusion of time has always been an interest to me. The moment after you have read this sentence that ‘moment in time’ is a point in the past. In life we think that the past events are fixed and the future is open until it becomes the immediate present. That immediate flash in time that we call the ‘present’ has not yet become the past and can no longer occur in the future. So when my friend lives in ‘the moment’ that is exactly what we all do and maybe we just haven’t given this concept of time much consideration. Mr. Einstein suggests that there is no single special present but that all moments are equally real. A quote from Mr. Emerson “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” If we have nothing else to give but a ‘moment in time’ that is the most precious gift we can offer another person. Please consider giving another person a few moments of the time that God has given you. DO IT NOW….. Jim Sohn

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